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Aloha, Tiki's Grill & Bar is Waikiki's locally owned and operated independent restaurant.

Tiki's Grill & Bar is located in World Famous Waikiki and was established in 2002. We pride ourselves on treating you like Ohana (family), with genuine aloha!

Whether you're a local, stopping in after a day at the beach or a visitor to Oahu, we are the perfect destination being only 150 steps to the gorgeous light blue waters. With a fantastic selection of locally inspired dishes and out-of-this world cocktails, you're guaranteed a memorable time! We serve Happy Hour DAILY from 2 to 5 PM with daily drink specials most nights from 5 PM to close. Don't miss our Wine Down Wednesdays, every Wednesday ALL bottles and glasses of wine are HALF OFF! A Perfect way to enhance your dinner experience. Read more.

What would paradise be without food? It's no secret that Honolulu is one of the most beautiful locales on Earth, with miles of green, sand, and water to take in, but the food can be just as beautiful as the land itself. As the best restaurant in Honolulu, Tiki's Grill & Bar brings the most exciting and the most well-loved Waikiki Beach classics together with incredible dishes that guests have enjoyed for years.

And the Tiki's experience is more than just great food. We're locally owned and operated, giving that air of authenticity and integrity that are the foundations of gourmet cuisine. With our award-winning chef, Ronnie Nasuti, Tiki's offers mouthwatering takes on dishes like Thai Chicken, charred Ahi Tuna slices, and crusted Ono with pancetta bacon and lemongrass. View our full menus here.

A Slice of Life

Tiki's Grill & Bar provides a wonderful experience for patrons seeking a delicious lunch, a chance to unwind from a day of work, or who want to get the most from their time on the island. With a daily happy hour, and live music every night, the Tiki's atmosphere is more inviting than what you'd expect from a high-class, highly-reviewed restaurant. As a business that's been around since 2001, our reputation was built on having fun without compromising what you expect in quality and experience.

We also offer:

  • • Many large rooms, for parties and reservations.
  • • Catering for local events and businesses.
  • • Drink specials, and an impressive list of beverages.
  • • A fun atmosphere, a beautiful décor, and an incredible location.
  • View our large party accommodations here.

By taking part in local cuisine and produce offerings, Tiki's keeps the spirit of Waikiki intact. Fish are caught locally, and the produce is served fresh. Local, grass-fed beef is used exclusively in our dishes, all thanks to owner Bill Tobin’s insistence that the highest quality products be used while supporting the businesses and farmers on the island.

Seafood, Pure and Simple

If there's one thing that people love about Hawaiian cuisine, though, it's the seafood. Locally caught, the seafood offerings at Tiki's Grill & Bar are one of the driving reasons for its award by Tripadvisor as the best restaurant in Waikiki Beach. That, combined with Chef Nasuti's new spins on using local ingredients, makes Tiki's a must-visit for those that love the tastes that the ocean has to offer.

With great location, a friendly atmosphere, and both a chef and menu that are world-renowned, you simply cannot find a more genuine, inviting, and memorable experience. Whether you live on Oahu, are on vacation, here on business, or you just want to get the best dining in Waikiki, Tiki's is for you.

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